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Cider Season

Next week officially kicks off Cider Week in New York, which is perfect timing, because like corduroy or a nice Barolo, cider just goes better with the cool autumn air. So to celebrate, more than 75 establishments throughout the city and around the Hudson Valley will be featuring real hard cider. The good craft kind made from pressed apple juice and basically nothing else. With roots in Great Britain, hard cider has had a long history in America, where back in colonial times, the stuff was drank more than water—by men, women and children. Until recently, the better ones were hard to find, but these days, affordable and tasty bottles are popping up wherever apples are grown. Here are some quality ciders to try this fall.


With a rosé hue and feel, this single-variety cider is made from Redfield apples.

$16, at 67wine

Made from a colonial American recipe from 1670, and sometimes aged in whiskey barrels.

$6, at Wally's

  • Eight ounces of hard cider has the same amount of potent phenolics and heart healthy antioxidants as a glass of red wine.

This semi-dry cider has a nice balance of sweetness, with the tart acidity of the apples.

$14, at Bauer

A traditional hard cider with a gentle apple flavor made from certified organic apples.

$5, at BevMo