A Tom Collins made by our cocktail expert Luke Andrews.

Make It

The Tom Collins

A Refreshing Classic Cocktail Made with Easily Attainable Ingredients.

What's not to like about the Tom Collins? First off, it's easy to make. Unlike fussier cocktails, you don't need any hard-to-find ingredients or fancy liquors. With this drink, you could stop by the CVS on your way home and be set. In fact, you probably have everything you need at home right now. And while it's famously made with dry gin, you can swap it out for nearly any other spirit—vodka, rum, tequila, rye—and end up with an equally tasty drink. Essentially a sour served tall and topped up with soda, the Tom Collins is a refreshing sipper. A grown up, more sophisticated glass of lemonade to enjoy before dinner or in the middle of a warm afternoon.





Lemon juice


Simple syrup

(or one teaspoon sugar)

Chilled club soda


  • Add gin, lemon and sugar to a tall glass and stir (until sugar is dissolved, if using).
  • Fill glass with large chunks of ice.
  • Top with chilled club soda.
  • Serve with a lemon wheel and maybe a straw.

Make it Your Own

Throw in some mint, or a slice of cucumber or ginger. Finish with a splash of Campari. With a solid base recipe, most variations make for a winning cocktail.

DIY Simple Syrup

Make simple syrup by shaking up ¾ cup sugar and one cup of warm water in a jar until dissolved—no cooking or cooling required.