The Under-$30 Pour-Over Set
That Makes Perfect Coffee

A good cup of coffee is an important part of your morning. Hell, for a lot of us, it's an integral part of our life. And while there are a handful of ways to make artisanal cafe-quality coffee at home, the pour-over method has to be one of the simplest and most effective. It's literally as easy as boiling water (and then pouring it over your grounds). And the Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Brewer is one of the best and surprisingly, most affordable, we've tried.

The understated elegance of Japanese design is obvious here—from the sleek borosilicate glass and ergonomic handle to the clever cork lid (to prevent heat loss and spills) and the stainless steel cone filter. That last one is particularly nice, actually. Laser-cut with an additional mesh inside, it won't absorb any of the coffee's natural essential oils, the way a paper filter does. The result is a rich, smooth cup of coffee with plenty of flavor and no bitterness. And bonus, no paper filters means even less wasted money and time. This thing pays for itself in just a few cups of home-brewed coffee.

$29.99 at Amazon


Want to soften the bitterness and open up the flavors of your coffee? Add a pinch of salt (either to the grounded beans or directly into the brew). It adds a nice layer of flavor akin to a sprinkle of sea salt on chocolate.