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Whether it's for a tech-savvy father, a Facebook-tagging teen or simply an early gift to yourself, a camera's a great option to give. And with all the options this winter, choosing the right one should be a snap. Here are the top five on our list.

Want DSLR-quality shots with a tiny camera? This coveted mirco 4/3 does the trick. Olympus E-P1, $659

It's the only Leica that will cost you less than $300, and fit in your shirt pocket. Minox Leica mini, $298

A twin-reflex 35mm that shoots in two shutter speeds. Blackbird fly, $125

Retro instant gratification for those that mourned the Polaroid's demise. Fuji Instax, $96

For hands-on old school photo buffs. Pinhole camera kit, $24

  • Digital cameras were one of the most purchased items online this past Black Friday. (Source: Retail Decisions)

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