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A 1938 newspaper article once labeled the bicycle "the most Dutch of all vehicles." The reputation hasn't changed much. In Amsterdam, bikes are used more than cars and there are as many bikes in the country as people (16 million). Needless to say, the Dutch take their bikes seriously. Which is why new bike manufacturer VanMoof simply wanted to reinterpret—as opposed to reinvent—the classic WWII-era icon for today's urban commuter. With a rust-free extruded aluminum frame, mud guards and built-in solar powered head and tail lights, the single speed combines an impressive utility with a thoughtful Scandinavian simplicity. "We stripped the bike from whims that can only break or cause frustration," says VanMoof's designer Sjoerd Smit. "And then added a bit of innovation and style." Innovation and style indeed.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is like the Sartorialist for bike enthusiasts—all beautiful people on two wheels.


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