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I need a stylin' bike and now that I'm back at school I'd like to get a beach cruiser but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for on campus riding. What do you guys think? Any alternatives?
- Walter, George Mason University, VA

Your trepidation is well-founded. Beach cruisers are cool, but if you're not pedaling near the water, it may have the effect of wearing board shorts to class. Sure, no harm done, but it's certainly out of place. You'd be better off finding a slick city bike like the roadster from Linus. The Venice, Calif.-based bike shop gained traction this summer for their good-looking and utilitarian bikes inspired by French bicycles of the 1950s and '60s. When founders Adam McDermott and Chad Kushner couldn't find the perfect vintage bike, they decided to make it. The result is a simple city cycle with a smooth ride and details like handsewn leather handles. $359, by Linus


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