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A Prius is great, but it's not exactly sexy or macho. But Adrian Van Anz's slick Derringer Cycles—with their copper rivets, Brooks leather saddle and gleaming engine—happen to be both. Hybrid? Yes, sir. Modeled after 1920s racing motorcycles, they can be pedaled like a traditional bike, get a boost in pedal power from the engine or simply cruise along at 30 MPH.

 Van Anz, an LA-based industrial designer, still builds each bike by hand. "Right now, there's about a twelve week waiting list," he says. "But people are willing to wait because you choose the colors, details and we'll even engrave your monogram into the gas cap." You don't need a special license to drive them either. Just the cash for the hand-made hybrid. But think of all the money you'll save on gas.

$3,500 at Derringer, 7954½ West 3rd St., Los Angeles

Sweet Ride

The miles you'll travel on the 1.8 gallon tank.


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