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Fall is an ideal time of year to be out on your bike. The weather's cool enough to keep you from getting sweaty, but warm enough to enjoy being outside. And if you'll be spending more time on two wheels, might we suggest Walnut Studiolo's handsome, handmade leather accessories? When Geoffrey Franklin, an 8th-generation Oregonian and avid rider, couldn't find any for his bike he started crafting them for himself, selling them on Etsy before quickly gaining a following for the innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. Think beautiful and sturdy grips and portage straps or handlebar-mounted can holders (which can be customized to fit your drink of choice, from Mason jars and Siggs to PBR tallboys).

Available at Etsy

  • Franklin rides his father's old Bianchi that he had powder coated in classic cream and brown.

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