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Great Jones lamp,
$289 at Schoolhouse Electric

Sound of Light speaker,
$123 (with free shipping) at Best Buy

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but Not Seen

I'm someone who loves his gadgets and doesn't shy away from outfitting my home with tech-y gear, but even I don't need to see a bunch of speakers sitting around my living room. That's not to say I don't want to beef up the sound of my music or movies—which is most often coming from my computer or the TV. That's what makes the Sound of Light invisible speaker so clever. The compact speaker screws into a regular lamp socket and a 2.4 GHz base station streams sound from your computer, TV or iOS devices using Texas Instruments Purepath wireless technology. The 25-watt amplifier and 3-inch driver deliver crisp, clear and remarkably rich sound while the soundbox remains hidden behind the lampshade and it's even powered by the lamp, eliminating any and all unsightly cords.


In truth, since you have to deal with a base station, I don't think these are ideal for mobile devices or tablets. But they're great if you want to enrich your TV's or computer's sound without hardwiring speakers. You can sync up to four individual speakers together, so I'm starting with two for the lamps that flank both ends of my couch. And because the apparatus adds about four inches below the bulb, there's an included shorter harp to accommodate a regular lampshade. What's more, both the sound and the lighting can be controlled with a remote control.









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