4 Apps Worth Downloading

Everyday new apps are released. How do you know which ones are worth your time or home screen space?

By the Valet. Staff  |  November 21, 2016


Named after famed light painter, Pablo Picasso, this highly entertaining app allows you to capture HD light trails and "light graffiti" in realtime with its "patent-pending live-view technology." The effect is unlike anything you've been able to photograph with a camera phone before and if you want some inspiration, check out in-app feed of other user photos.

Free on iOS (and Android later this fall)


These days, we don't have a lot of physical snapshots, but for those oldies you want to digitize, this clever app scans the photo using your phone or tablet's camera. It uses uniquely specialized algorithms to get rid of glares, color correct, detect picture edges, correct perspective and stitch multiple exposures together for a richly detailed and sharp final digital image for your Throwback Thursday.

Free on iOS and Android


Like a Yelp for creatives and freelance types, Workfrom is an extremely handy app that outlines the best places to sit down and get a little work done in more than 1,200 cities worldwide. With details like WiFi speed and passwords, along with intel on such other integral amenities like power outlets, it's a godsend for productivity.

Free on iOS and Android

Sugar Rush

Sugar can be dangerous. Especially the processed, added stuff. If you're trying to cut back, this handy app lets you know just how much sugar has been added to nearly any product simply by scanning the barcode with your camera. You'll see how many teaspoons of the white stuff have been added, along with the ratio of naturally occurring sugars to unnecessary additives.

Free on iOS

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