The Ultimate Bike Kit

The warmer weather means getting outside more and getting onto your bike. Whether you're a serious cyclist, a weekend warrior or just a guy who likes to pedal around town or to the office, there are a handful of bike accessories that can make your ride a whole lot better. Why not invest in some quality gear like a smarter helmet, a convenient carrying handle or a lock for your bike that works like the locks on a luxury car? And if you're in the market for a new set of wheels, check out the one above. The performance-driven Pronto model from Linus ($669) is a lightweight alloy-framed beauty with the looks of a classic commuter, but comes with eight speeds and Vittoria Randonneur tires. Talk about a smooth ride.


The Kit

Lattis Keyless Lock

Keyless Lock

With a range of up to 800 feet (or three city blocks), this solar-powered lock sends an alert to your phone if it's disturbed while locked. Bank-grade encryption allows for worry-free Bluetooth locking and unlocking from your smartphone—you can even set it to unlock when your phone is near. And should your phone die, a stealth touchpad enables manual unlocking.

$199 by Lattis

Topeak Air Pump

Air Pump

This low-profile portable hand pump is constructed from hard-wearing but lightweight aluminum and the high-pressure aluminum check valve allows pumping up to 110psi.

$24.95 by Topeak


More than three times as many new bicycles are sold in the US each year than cars.

(Source: Bureau of Transportation)

CB2 Wood Bike Storage Rack


This minimalist rack (which cleverly keeps your bike off the floor and displays it on the wall) is made from sustainably grown shesham wood. A notched groove holds your ride while the tray behind it stashes keys and other everyday carry items.

$49.95 by CB2

Topeak Bike Phone Mount

Phone Mount

Whether you use your phone for turn-by-turn directions, training and tracking or simply to control your music on your commute, this quick-release mount installs securely on your bike's handlebar, stem or stem cap for easy viewing and can be used in portrait or landscape orientation.

$59.95 by Topeak

Carrying Handle

The daily commute is fraught with obstacles like stairs and high curbs. Lifting your bike by the top tube can be awkward and cumbersome. But this hand crafted leather strap makes it easy and ergonomic.

$44 by Walnut Studio

Walnut Studio Leather Bike Carrying Handle
Brooks England Leather Bike Storage Bag

Storage Bag

For the guy who doesn't want a basket or saddle bag, but still needs a place to stash his stuff. Brooks' handsome leather bag attaches easily under your seat.

$121 by Brooks England

Thousand Smart Bike Helmet

A Smarter Helmet

This handsome, lightweight helmet features two sets of interior padding for a custom fit, a smart rubberized matte finish and eco-friendly leather fit straps with a magnetic lock. Plus, their patent-pending PopLock button allows you to securely lock it up with your bike when you leave.

$85 by Thousand

Multitasking Light

ORP's SmartHorn combines a bright 70-lumen USB-charging light with a dual-tone horn that goes from a friendly 76 decibels to a lifesaving 96 decibels—essential for any urban commuter.

$65 by ORP

ORP Multitasking Light


More than three times as many new bicycles are sold in the US each year than cars.

(Source: Bureau of Transportation)