Romantic Gestures Guaranteed to Please Your Partner

Romantic Gestures Guaranteed to Please Your Partner

Six simple things you can do today to be a better boyfriend or husband.

Like so often in life, when it comes to being romantic, it's the little things that matter. You don't need to concoct these epic overtures to make your partner feel appreciated or adored. "Many guys are afraid to do romantic things because they think it will be lame or they'll get laughed at, or it won't go over as well as they had hoped" says relationship coach Jordan Gray. "And so they don't even try, which is a shame." Because even the smallest actions—writing a note or giving a back rub—will have a lasting impact because they're genuine and more importantly, unexpected. Surprise, according to Gray, is absolutely essential in your romantic gesture. Another important consideration he says is calibration. Don't ask yourself "What could I do that would seem romantic?" Instead, think about simple ways to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. Herewith, six simple gestures you could do today that will make your partner feel the love.


Put It In Writing

It's the oldest move in the book. Write a sweet note and stick it in their lunch or their wallet and let them find it. Pass a note while you're hanging out inscribed with an innocent message like "You're my favorite." Or make a list of reasons why they're awesome and leave it for them before a particularly hard week at work.


Get Touchy

Gently play with her hair while you're watching TV. Nothing too complex, just a little light head touching and hair-stroking will put her into a near-meditative state. Or offer up a back-rub after a long, hard day.


Check Off a Chore

That annoying hinge on the bathroom door that squeaks? Oil it with WD40. Is the windshield washer fluid running low in his or her car? Fill it up. Does she have a slight lip balm addiction? Bring her a tube of her favorite the next time you see her. It only takes a few moments to tend to these things, but they're gifts that keep on giving.


Bring the Sweets

When eating out at a restaurant, order some dessert to go so the two of you can eat it at home while watching a movie or your favorite TV show. Or just show up with something sweet to share the next time you come over.


Leave a Lasting Voicemail

Text your partner and say you're about to call, but instruct them not to pick up. Then, leave a sweet, loving voicemail. Or maybe a dirty voicemail—whatever is more your style as a couple. Just make it's something they'd want to listen to over and over.


Make Breakfast

Breakfast in bed sounds good in theory. But in reality, it's awkward to try and eat and drink amidst a tangle of sheets. Your best bet is to fix a simple breakfast (eggs and toast, perhaps?) and set it out nicely on the kitchen table. Extra points if it's a Monday morning.

Start an Idea Bank

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with something on the fly. So start a running list on your phone and jot down ideas or gifts that your partner would appreciate. Then refer to it when you want to make a move.