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Hot Summer Nights Call for Candlelight

Published on June 30, 2008

Summertime ... and the living is easy. Or at least it should be. So grab some friends, crack open some bottles and fire up the grill. And while you're at it, light some of these outdoor lanterns to set the mood. Like a beat-up pair of Top-Siders, these lanterns manage to be both charmingly rustic and fashionably hip. And a hell of lot better looking than those bamboo Tiki torches. There's even an rechargeable electric option, should you be on the green tip (or simply live in an apartment with a balcony that should remain fire-free).


Keep pests away by using these tealights, which look like your everyday variety, but are infused with natural citronella. $6.25 for a dozen at 100Candles.com.



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