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A Man's Home

Fall's Finishing Touches

Your home should reflect your personal style. That means outfitting your place with the same attention to detail that you bring to your wardrobe—mixing individual pieces and styles that speak to your sensibilities and to your needs. And when the seasons change, it's a great time to update one of the most important spaces in your home—the living room.



A hand-crafted wooden lamp with a low wattage Edison bulb and a metal cage shade adds a masculine, architectural vibe to the room and makes for some nice mood lighting.

West Elm lamp, $39 and cage shade, $19


What's not to love about a quality candle? They fill your room with a rich but subtle scent, look sharp and show your guests that you take care of your surroundings. Herewith, three recent favorites.



Here's why you want to have a quality blanket on hand. They look sharp when slung over the back of a chair, add a warm texture to the room and, well, they come in handy when you and a date are on the couch.

Faribault trapper blanket, $155



Stash your stuff—be it magazines, spare shoes or the dog's toys—in style with these sturdy wooden and copper crates made by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania.

Poplar wood crates, from $25


If the only thing on your coffee table is some dust and a few remote controls, consider adding a small stack of books (and maybe a plant). This fall's best coffee table books are as attractive as they are interesting to thumb through.


Vanity Fair 100 Years, $42


GQ Men, $99


The Monocle Guide to Better Living, $40

    Other items to keep on your coffee table: A tray or box to hold remotes and other electronics, a natural element or something you brought back from your travels.