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A Man's Home

The Scent
of a Man

Some guys scoff at the idea of making their place smell better. But these are usually dudes with apartments that reek of leftover take-out, unwashed gym bags and bad cologne. Any gentleman who's spent some time at a well-appointed hotel or the better men's shops will surely appreciate the subtle but effective environmental improvement that a good candle provides. Apolis, $30Along with the aesthetic benefit of a handsome jar, they supplement the air with a deep, rich and genuinely pleasant scent. Imagine a tree on an Italian hilltop, the breeze sweet yet slightly spiced. Yeah, you're pretty much there. Or perhaps you'd prefer the hearty, smokey aromas from the new breed of incense. The kind of set-the-mood scents that convey to visitors that this is the home of a man who takes care of himself.




Known as "holy wood," this is harvested from fallen branches of the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador. You just light the end and let it smolder—the result smells like a campfire, with bright hints of citrus and cedar.

Palo Santo bundle, $15


Blackbird's incense cones are pretty potent—but in a good way. The Nahk scent is a spicy mix of leather and sweetened with cognac. And while it only burns for 15 minutes, the aroma can last for up to 12 hours.

Blackird Ballad, $28