Interior Inspiration

Soho House Mixes Work and Play

Soho House has always been a place for creative types looking to network, but now the private members' club has opened an office for those wanting to actually do some work. Dubbed Soho Works, the 24/7 co-working space is located in London's popular Shoreditch neighborhood and makes a perfect hub for those working within the new freelance economy. What's more, their signature style permeates throughout the space, serving as a reminder to sex up your work station.


Bring in some furniture from home.

Mix in a few of your favorite books or swap in a lamp that suits your taste. And a vintage hat stand/coat rack makes for a charming way to stash your stuff.


Don't eat at your desk.

No one's going to leave dirty dishes laying around this handsome kitchen and lounge. It's also a reminder that it's always better to have lunch away from your work space.


Thoughtfully designed spaces boost your productivity.

Housed in 16,000 sq. feet of East London's historic Tea Building, Soho Works has meeting rooms, a fully tooled-up workshop, 3D printers, retro phone booths for intimate or professional phone conversations as well as this library for research and relaxation.

There's More Coming

Soho Works plans to open a Los Angeles branch in a mid-century office building on Sunset Blvd. and a 24,000 sq ft outpost in Istanbul next spring.