The Stylish Man's Guide
to Holiday Travel

Flying home can take a lot out of you. Here's how to show up looking (and feeling) great.

The holidays with family and friends are full of good times, food, gifts and plenty of boozy drinks. And we could all use a break after a long 2016. But before you get to the good stuff, there's still one hurdle that many of us have to tackle: actually getting to wherever "home" is located. And no matter how you make the journey—be it plane, train or automobile—holiday travel can take a lot out of you. Here's how to show up looking (and feeling) great.

The Perfect Travel Outfit

Layers are your friend this time of year, especially when you're traveling. You never know when you'll be stuck in an overheated terminal or trapped in the icy confines of a plane. Go with a comfortable base of T-shirt and jeans. Pack your sneakers and wear your heavier boots—ideally a pair that can be easily pulled off and on. A cozy scarf or tailored top coat not only finishes off your look, but can serve as defacto blankets as well.

Clockwise, from top left: Cashmere scarf, $98 by J.Crew; Wool top coat, $545 by Reiss; Slub cotton T-shirt, $28 by Buck Mason; 501 slim jeans, $79.50 by Levi's; Chelsea boots, $180 by Astorflex; Shirt jacket, $88 / $44 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Breeze Through Security

Before you get into line, stash your phone, keys, watch and belt in a plastic bag in your carry-on. After showing your ID, place it back in your wallet and put it in the bag as well. Then place your bag on the belt first, followed by your shoes, toiletries and computer. Your bag will come out first—making it easier to refill on the other side.

Winter Dopp Kit Staples

Add these to your standard grooming kit to look great the whole trip.

We don't travel anywhere without these refreshing wipes which can be used to revive a tired face, sub in for aftershave or, in a pinch, wipe down a plane's armrest and tray table.

$24 (for 20) by Ursa Major

This handy multi-use balm can be used as a moisturizer for dry patches of skin, rough hands, dry cuticles and even refresh hat hair (or plane pillow hair).

$20 by Jao

Winter's hard enough on your skin, without the added dryness of recycled airplane air. This potent blend of botanical extracts and essential fatty acids hydrates and conditions skin while calming irritation and redness.

$42 by Buckler's

You don't want to smell like you've been on a plane, but you also don't want to be spritzing your cologne inside a plane or even the airport bathroom. This solid fragrance allows you to reapply discreetly and is much easier to pack too.

$42 / $34.98 by Fulton & Roark

Pack a Mobile Gym

We've already told you that staying active is a proven strategy to fight the effects of overindulging over the holidays. No gym? No problem. This simple kit includes three resistance bands, a jump rope and an exercise manual, all packed into a pouch that expands into a backpack.

$48 by Flight 001

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How to pack up the electronic essentials you need (and keep 'em organized) when you're on the road.