The Best Dopp Kits

for Your Budget
and Travel Style

The Best Dopp Kits for Your Budget and Travel Style

The Dopp kit really took a hit after the TSA put their regulations on liquids. It forced a lot of us to abandon our leather shave kits for an overstuffed Zip-loc bag. But there's more to a toiletries bag than a few bottles filled with 3.4 ounces of liquid, right? So don't limit yourself to a ratty plastic bag to transport your grooming essentials—everything from your creams and pastes to your floss, nail clippers and drugs. Keep your bottles in a zip-sealed plastic bag (we like this reusable one) and stash it with the rest of your travel essentials in a grown-up Dopp kit that you can be proud of. Herewith, a selection of well-reviewed and road-tested bags to suit your travel style and budget.


Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Whether you overpack or tend to travel light, this small shave kit just might be perfect. The soft, water-resistant shell means it's both light and able to be stuffed into even the fullest carry-on. The triangular shape makes it both deceptively roomy and able to sit upright on any surface without tipping over.

$34 by Topo Designs

Flight 001 Dopp Kit

A roomy multi-pocket bag with a sturdy hanging hook so you can hook it on to the door, shower rod or towel bar. A zip pocket at the top layer offers quick access to medications or other essentials while the mesh interior (roomy enough for full-size bottles if you're checking a bag) makes it easy to spot what you're looking for.

$42 by Flight 001

Herschel Supply Co. Dopp Kit

You get a lot of features in this small kit. It comes in nearly 30 colors and features one large exterior pocket along with a wide internal mesh sleeve inside. The waterproof zipper keeps sink splashes out and toothpaste disasters from spilling out into your suitcase. Plus it folds flat when not in use.

$24.99 by Herschel Supply Co.

Business Class

Uri Minkoff Dopp Kit

Deceptively simple looking, this soft Dopp kit packs away a good amount of product and while there's not a lot of organization, the roomy interior does have one large interior zip pocket for tools or other items and two slip pockets for standard toiletries.

$75 by Uri Minkoff

Jack Spade Dopp Kit

If you don't like digging around or dumping out the entire contents of your kit just to find your eye drops or zit cream, consider this handsome pebbled waxed leather case. The entire lid unzips and flips open, plus there are handy elastic straps for holding items like your razor or toothbrush in place.

$99.99 by Jack Spade


Don't let the slim profile or technical ballistic mesh exterior fool you. This intelligently designed kit features dual access pockets, elastic organizers for bottles and tubes, plus a removable padded valet tray that allows you to safely stash your EDC items while you're away.

$62 by DSPTCH

First Class

Want Les Essentials Dopp Kit

This minimalist bag looks simple, but the interior features tailored slots for standard toiletries, including clever zip and snap pockets for pills or other small essentials. And the removable nylon liner makes for easy cleanup after the inevitable spill.

$195 by Want Les Essentials

Tumi Dopp Kit

Handsome and sleek, this hanging toiletries case unfurls to offer a whopping six pockets—perfect for grooming product junkies. The rugged exterior is made from reinforced ballistic tech-fabric and features an anti-bacterial lining, meaning this will last decades and not turn into a germ breeding ground.

$225 by Tumi

J.W. Hulme Co. Dopp Kit

For those who want a classically good looking travel kit and something that looks good sitting out in someone's guest bathroom, this handcrafted leather case is it. Built with a handy wide hinged metal frame opening and solid brass hardware, this roomy bag is virtually indestructible.

$325 by J.W. Hulme Co.



After the U.S. Army issued millions of Dopp kits to its recruits during World War II, popularity and demand for the travel bags soared.