Shower Thoughts

They're not all winners, but Reddit's constantly updated list has some gems now and then. Here are a few recent favorites.

  • Anybody that questions why you are shoveling six inches of snow in the middle of a snowstorm hasn't shoveled twelve inches of snow at the end of a snowstorm.
  • A smart refrigerator isn't one with screens, cameras and wifi. It's one that knows to dim the light when you open it at 3 am.
  • Putting a blanket over your head to protect yourself from the bad guy is silly, yet it makes you feel safe. In the wild, covering yourself would make it harder for the predators to see you. Maybe we've inherited this silly sense of safety from our ancestors, who needed to cover more than we do.
  • If we never had to sleep, we would have a very hard time keeping our devices charged.
  • The guy that figured out babies instinctively hold their breath under water probably had a lot of explaining to do.