Shower Thoughts

They're not all winners, but Reddit's constantly updated list has some gems now and then. Here are a few recent favorites.

  • A really underrated accomplishment is that toilets don't require power to flush.
  • Monopoly would be a lot more realistic if everyone started out with wildly different amounts of money.
  • If you're having trouble falling asleep, the moment you realize it is the moment you're screwed.
  • Between 251 and 265 million light years away exists a view of earth with dinosaurs on it.
  • If you took a person from the year 1817 and brought them forward to 1917, then it would probably take them a few months to adjust. If you took a person from 1917 and brought them forward to 2017, then their head would probably explode.
  • There are only two types of Taco Bell employees: The ones that give you two packets of sauce and the ones that give you 20. There is no in between.