Seasonal Calendar
Reminders on when to buy, what to do and why.


Buy your swimsuit. It may seem early, but it's best to find a style you like and get it in your size before they sell out.
  • Worried you're too pale? If you're still rocking a gray, wintery pallor, opt for a suit in the blue family. It's been proven that wearing shades of blue will make skin appear less pasty. That will help until you get some natural color.
This is a great time to buy some sneakers. Stores start holding sales when people start heading back outdoors.
Laptops tend to dip in price towards the end of April—even more than back-to-school sales—to make room for new models.
For the Water

Jack Black, $20

For Sports

Beyond Costal, $15

For Everyday

Baxter of California, $18

How does SPF work?

SPF (the sun protection factor) is a rating indicating how long you can be in the sun before burning. So if after 10 minutes you start feeling the burn, an SPF 15 will protect you for 150 minutes.

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Throw out last year's sunscreen (because we're 95% sure that it's expired) and buy a new bottle.
The full range of summer clothes
is now in stores.
Stores and brands know that more people are buying kitchen appliances and cookware (for both graduation and wedding presents) and offer specials, sales and discounts in the early summer.


Stores run great deals for Father's Day. It's a good time to shop for clothes, tools and gadgets.
Nordstrom's and Brooks Brothers' semi-annual sales, along with a slew of others, begin the day after Father's Day.
First set of swimsuits and shorts go on sale.
If the particular pair you've had your eye on isn't on sale yet, just wait—it will be soon.

Fake a Beach Body


Side pockets can add extra bulk and will often balloon up with excess water and air.


Avoid elastic waistbands which pinch soft stomachs. Your drawstring should be tied comfortably at the hips, yet tight enough to stay put with a tug.


Darker colors and vertical stripes along the sides make for a long, leaner appearance.


Don't hide behind long shorts—the leg opening should hit a few inches above your knee.