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Game-Changing Denim Innovations

A handful of the best denim makers are pushing past the status quo. Whether you're looking for ultimate comfort, adaptability or simply a pair of black jeans that won't fade, you've got options that will undoubtedly make you look and feel cooler.

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Now's the time to shop for denim. After the big back-to-school rush, stores are eager to unload their extra inventory with discounts of 30 to 60% off.
First set of heavy winter clothes start hitting stores.
  • Keep an eye out, but see if you can hold off for holiday (and especially post-holiday) sales.
Toys and games for kids usually go on sale to light a fuse on the holiday season. But this also means some of your favorite gadgets and video games are going on sale as well.


As temperatures start to dip, you may notice a difference in your hair. Now's the time to try some conditioner or moisturizing styling products.
Pajamas and underwear go on sale (often in well-priced package sets) in hopes to appeal to holiday shoppers. Stock up now on staples.
Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is a renown shopping day for all the special bargains for those willing to put up with the crowds. For those not into crowds or getting up early, Cyber Monday, the following Monday, offers great sales available from the comfort of your computer.


No one wants to think about home repairs now, so tools are often discounted. Now is the time to buy your basics.
Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Men's Sale is around this time of year, as is the Brooks Brothers' semi-annual sale, which always takes place the day after Christmas.

Clean Your Sweaters

If you haven't washed the sweaters you keep in heavy rotation, take the time to give them a good hand wash.


Fill a clean sink 3/4 full with cold water and add Woolite.


Soak for five minutes, working suds into fabric. Drain and rinse in cool water. Press out excess water.


Lay sweater on a clean towel and pat into shape. Layout to dry completely.

Stock your bar: You likely drank everything over the holidays. And to prepare for the one time of year people are interested in Champagne, producers get cut-throat trying to lure everybody to their brand, so stock up on wine, spirits and bubbly.