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Beacon also offers a durable EVA case for the Phoenix to protect your new investment. It'll set you back $20.

Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers fall into the luxuries that you don't really need, but still make the day that much easier. If you're an audiophile, that sometimes means blasting your music in an empty office or the comfort of your own home. However, docked speakers are often hindered by over-the-phone cases, and—if you're the owner of an iPhone 5—a whole new adapter. That's why we think wireless Bluetooth speakers are the best of both worlds. They're easy to use, offer great sound quality and can be toted anywhere you want some tunes. This particular model, the Phoenix from Beacon, claims an official battery life of 8 hours when fully charged, but we've found it to last up to 12 before needing to recharge with an USB cable again. It's packable enough to take on trips, is very user-friendly and offers impressive sound quality. Plus, the small, rounded cube shape makes it look more like a scented candle than a nerdy gadget.

Phoenix Bluetooth speaker available in five colors,
$100 by Beacon


Published on

January 4, 2013

Written by

of Valet.





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