Styling Tip

Add some rugged style by throwing it on a leather key fob, like this black Chromexcel version from Makr.

Easy Keys


Every now and then, you come across an ingenious product that makes you ask yourself: "Now why didn't I think of that?" Take, for example, the FreeKey. Engineered by the Drosselmeyer Design Group, a Stockholm-based outfit whose aim is to make everyday products a little easier through smart design, it makes adding or removing keys a cinch—literally. Implementing a small wave pattern in the middle of a stainless steel keyring, you simply pinch one side over and slide the key right on. And it makes quick work out of separating the keys you use for your home, work and various modes of transportation. Drosselmeyer's nicknamed this gadget the nail-saver, but we like to call it the stress-free keyring. Which comes in handy when you're trying to limit your stress.

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January 28, 2013

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