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Need something a little less heavy duty for a smaller point-and-shoot? Check out these handy wrist straps.

Dsptch, $32


Roberu, $38


Lance, $23

The Camo Camera Strap

Nylon camo sling, $44 by Dsptch

While the bulk of our photos are shot on our phones these day, there are times when a serious camera is called for. Like when you're traveling. And the worst thing about lugging around a larger camera is the risk of looking like a lost tourist. This heavy-duty camo camera strap from Dsptch, a San Francisco based maker of ruggedly stylish camera accessories, won't automatically acclimate you to your surroundings, but it will make you look less like a fish out of water. Made from military grade nylon in the USA, it can be worn as a sling, neck or shoulder strap. With an adjustable length and interchangeable connectors, it fits a huge variety of cameras. Perhaps the best part? It's a hundred times more stylish than a fanny pack.


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February 1, 2013

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