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Apartment Number 9

Spring shirts from Steven Alan, Shipley & Halmos,
Billy Reid and Mason's


Located in Chicago's bohemian Bucktown neighborhood, Apartment Number 9's brick-and-mortar store has been a go-to spot for Midwestern men looking for a smart selection of tried-and-true brands mixed with up-and-coming designers. But now, the retailer is offering their services to the world at large with their new e-commerce equipped website. But more than simply being a digital space to offer their inventory, the site also has a robust editorial component that helps reflect the shop's lifestyle and point of view. Recent features have showcased what stylish gents wear to work and an introduction to some artisanal pen makers.

Swim trunks from Relwen, Jack Spade and M.Nii

$450 by
Wings +

Twill pants,
$278 by

Army belt,
$125 by
Rag & Bone

"We aim to help men feel comfortable in their skin by providing quality clothing," says Marc Moran, the shop's web director. "But our customers are cultured guys who appreciate interesting, cool stories. Through our original content, we feel we can give some context to the clothes, but also offer something more than just clothing because life is about so much more than that."

    Favorite Spring Find:
    "Fabric Brand, Simon Miller's new denim line, because his jeans are some of the best."

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May 20, 2013

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