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FuelBand, $149 by Nike

I absolutely hate the gym. Far from being the most athletic guy, it's hard to muster up the motivation—let alone allot the proper amount of time each week—to get a decent workout. Fortunately, living in a city means I'm always on the move, whether it's catching the subway or hoofing it across numerous blocks and avenues each day. Still, I manage to find myself on my bike or in the gym a couple times each week.

Coldgear crew, $50 by Under Armour

For all of our advice about getting a spot-on fit, a tailor can only do so much work on a sport coat or a pair of trousers. As far as the body he's tailoring them for? We're on our own. But really, isn't your body the best investment piece you own? In the same way you'd care for an expensive suit or a benchmade pair of shoes, there are plenty of proper guidelines on how men should groom and maintain themselves.

Bluetooth headphones, $130, by JayBird

With fitness being a popular New Year's resolution, I plan to be more active than ever in 2013. I've got some great pieces in my wardrobe that I'd hate to no longer be able to fit into. And besides, it's much cheaper to go for a run or a bike ride than having to get stuff altered or buy a new wardrobe.

Thankfully, there are things like the Nike FuelBand which helps hold me accountable for sticking to my guns. While I can't confirm how accurate it is, I can definitely say it's something that inspires me to give a little bit more during a workout session. I'm also planning on investing in some quality workout gear, from breathable base layers and more comfortable running shoes to a new set of wireless earbuds for the gym—eliminating pesky wires that can mess up a good flow.

merino socks,
$18 by

Kinvara 3,
$100 by Saucony

In the end, not every guy is going to be able to get a perfectly chiseled six-pack or super well-defined arms, but that's not always the point of fitness. In the same way that style is supposed to make you look like a more put-together version of yourself, it's the same with exercise. After a good run or strenuous training session, you're not going to suddenly transform into a male model or a would-be member of The Expendables, but hey, at least you'll feel a little bit better having put in the work. And maybe a little stronger too.

    According to Men's Health, gyms in America see membership spikes of 30-50% in January.

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January 2, 2013

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