$125 Million
The amount Americans spend on marshmallows each year.

(Source: NCA)

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Bourbon, $7.50

Manly Marshmallows

Marshmallows are usually relegated to campfire tales and nostalgic memories of making s'mores, but the fluffy stuff has been reinvented by a clever Florida company called Wondermade. Their formula is simple: start with noble ingredients like cane sugar and add some genuinely tasty flavors, then finish with a stylish square shape and some smart branding. What started as an idea for homemade Christmas presents evolved into a small business. Now, Wondermade offers a bunch of different marshmallows like Root Beer, Orangesicle and Lavender, but what really stands out are the ones that use a more grown-up ingredient—alcohol. The Bourbon flavor draws some of its body from Kentucky-distilled Maker's Mark, while the Guinness flavor combines a single stout and Penzey's vanilla extract for a bittersweet body, plus it's rolled in crushed pretzels (a natural flavor pairing). For wine lovers, the Sangria flavor is made with red wine and mixed with orange and lemon extracts. They suggest pairing it with dark chocolate to make what would quite possibly be the most sophisticated s'mores ever.


Guinness, $7.50

Sangria, $7.50


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August 27, 2013

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