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Most men have been there. Agonizing over the computer screen, totally surprised that sending your wife or girlfriend a bouquet of fresh flowers is about to cost you upwards of $75. Ordering flowers online can certainly be convenient, but it's hardly been affordable. At least, not until The Bouqs came around. Every single one of their awesome arrangements costs $40. And that's with shipping. The flowers are grown in South America, where an active volcano near the farm enriches the soil with minerals producing big, beautiful buds. By cutting out the middleman, the flowers arrive to their destinations fresh and vibrant as ever. Co-founder John Tabis tells us why you've been overpaying for flowers, how they're disrupting the industry and when it's appropriate to send someone you've started dating a bouquet.

Buying flowers online has always felt like making an investment. Why was that?

Often, the high price tag associated with flowers has little to do with the flowers themselves. You end up paying for Shipping, "Care & Handling" and silly upsells like plastic butterflies and cheap, stuffed pandas. We wanted to be simple and affordable with no hidden fees.

How'd you find the balance between
price and quality?

The key is going straight to the source and working with great farms. My co-founder JP Montúfar is a floral expert and seeks out only the best flowers the volcano can offer. And we ship direct from the farm, cutting out multiple layers of middle men, which allows us to keep our flat price of $40 year-round.

What do most guys misunderstand
about flowers?

That there's never a wrong time to send them. Let me explain: women love flowers. They love them for important events, and they love them for no reason at all. They love a lot of flowers, or few, a mix of colors or just one. The only way to be wrong is to not send them. Our "Just Because" subscription makes surprise Bouqs super simple. Sign up once and tell us how many times a year you would like to surprise her, and we will take care of it for you.

In terms of etiquette, how soon is too soon to send them when you've just started dating?

I think some flowers after the third date would be an appropriate gesture to let her know you're thinking 'bout her.

Flower bouquets, $40 shipped, at The Bouqs

    It's not all about the ladies. The Bouqs' "Dude-quet" mixes Calla Lilies with Green Ruscus. It's ideal for guys who might need some fresh flowers in their place for a special occasion or want to send something that doesn't feel frilly.

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July 29, 2013

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