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The Summer 2013 Swimsuit Buying Guide

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When it comes to swimsuits, men generally fall into one of two categories—trunks or board shorts. (Those brave enough to sport some Speedos are on their own.) Herewith, some advice and suggestions for picking the perfect suit for summer. After all, it's more than just something to wear in the water. A good swimsuit exposes your personal style and personality when you're not wearing much of anything. And like with any important garment, your suit should fit properly and be made of quality materials that will last.


Styling Tip

With a greater range of motion, these are ideal for volleyball players or runners. And take note: the smaller inseam can make shorter guys look taller.

Your safest bet, close-fitting swim trunks are available in a variety of solid colors, fun prints and breathable materials. Plus, they offer more support where it counts than looser board shorts.


Venroy, $128


Burkman Bros., $95


Saturdays Surf, $75


Marc Jacobs, $160


Topman, $40


Gant Rugger, $135

Board Shorts

Styling Tip

Beware: An oversized suit will make skinny guys look even smaller.

Hanging loose is a lifestyle, not a look. The ideal pair of board shorts should sit at your hips and remain above the knee. They'll still do their job of keeping the backs of your thighs away from surf wax without making you look like a slouch.


Old Navy, $25


Apolis, $98


Katin, $68


Olasul, $120


Best Made, $72


Aether, $115


J.Crew, $70

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