Kiln Pottery

Japanese-made products have certainly had a resurgence amongst men of style. We first fawned over their artisan denim, followed by an appreciation of brands like Visvim, Beams and United Arrows. The Hill-Side guys have been making accessories out of premium Japanese fabrics for a while, and have always had a thing for goods made in the East. Their latest re-discovery is kiln-made pottery. Characterized by its decidedly wabi-sabi look, the stuff has a rustic appeal that bodes well with guys who tend towards the great outdoors, exposed brick and lots of hardwood in their interior design. The stuff isn't cheap by any means, but whether you're looking to add some cool pieces to your bachelor pad kitchen or simply upgrade your coffee mug, it's definitely worth checking out. Maybe you'll be so enthralled by the handmade clay goods that next time you find yourself reaching for "the fine China," it'll actually be made in Japan.

    The anagama kiln, brought to Japan via China and Korea in the 5th Century, has been in use since medieval times and is considered the oldest style of production kiln.

Tsuchiwa Gama
coffee cup and saucer
, $31


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June 10, 2013

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