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In the summer, a good undershirt is one of your first lines of defense against sweat stains. It's also a last resort, allowing you to strip out of your top shirt when things get really hot. The key is finding the right one. You don't want a thick, bulky undershirt. You want one that's soft, relaxed and breathable but still able to perform its basic function: to absorb your sweat. So after a hearty try-on session, we've pulled together the four best, depending on what you're looking to get out of an undershirt.

$65, by Sunspel

Crew Neck

Sunspel has been crafting quality cotton garments in England for over 150 years, so it's not surprising that they make a superior undershirt. This one is cut in a slim, tailored fit from a specially sourced two-fold, long-staple Egyptian cotton, which makes it smooth, soft and incredibly strong. And it's substantial enough to easily wear on its own.

Growing up in South Louisiana, my father made me wear undershirts anytime we were going some place nice—he swore that it made you cooler.”

$25 for two, by Gap


When wearing a lighter dress shirt with a tie, a white V-neck undershirt can easily show through, both in the arms and at the collar. But a grey crew neck won't be as visible because it doesn't reflect as much light as a white one. Opt for one with a touch of stretch so it stays smooth and won't bunch up under the finer fabric of a dress shirt.


Ultimate V-Neck

Our go-to undershirt, the neck is low enough to hide under an open dress shirt collar, but doesn't veer into deep-V territory. Based on a vintage Towncraft undershirt, it's thin and breathable, yet substantial enough not to lose its shape. Plus, it's long enough to stay tucked and made here in the US from a soft, loose knit 50/50 jersey material.

$28 for two, by RibbedTee

$14 for eight, by Hanes

The Affordable

Clocking in at a mere $1.75 a shirt, these classic Hanes undershirts are one of the best bargains on the market. Of course, they're not as soft as the others featured here, but the lightweight cotton gets softer in the wash. Plus, the shape through the arms and torso fits comfortably and they're just long enough not to come untucked.


The Sweat Factor

"Will wearing an undershirt really protect me from sweating through my shirt or will it just make me sweat even more?" We found the answer to this age-old question.