New Breed of Athletic Shorts

Smarter fabrics, better design and a more flattering fit.

For years, your options when it came to shorts for working out consisted solely of those baggy nondescript mesh versions. They were comfortable enough, but were always ill-fitting (which made it all too easy for your buddy to pants you when you weren't paying attention). Thankfully, the boom in athleisure and performance wear has lead to a new breed of gym shorts that are not only flattering but also a whole lot more functional than your old mesh shorts. With such features as moisture-wicking fabrics, laser-cut ventilation and secure pockets engineered to keep keys and phones safe, these shorts are much better for your workouts. And thanks to their tailored fits and subtle designs, these are good looking enough to be worn outside of the gym.

Old Navy, $29.94 / $21

Myles, $58

Tracksmith, $98

H&M, $29.99

A current favorite, these lightweight shorts feature a built-in boxer brief lining and are being offered at a discount during their live field testing phase.

Ten Thousand, $59 / $50.15

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