Swap Your Standard Sneakers


for Suede

Sneakers. You've got 'em in leather. You have them in nylon mesh. But what about in suede? Well you will. Or rather, you should. Because all the best brands are remaking some of their most popular kicks in the textured leather. And why shouldn't they? If you want some new shoes for the coming spring that are cool—in every sense of the word—go with suede. Known for its soft, supple texture, suede breathes easily and adds a subtle, laid back casualness to the rest of your kit. From Vans' specially embossed checkerboard slip-ons to a monochromatic take on the Stan Smith, there are options for any style or budget.



Common Projects,

Jack Purcell,
$85 / $76

Sperry x YMC,

Clockwise, from top left:
Converse, $75; Adidas, $85; Common Projects, $420; Jack Purcell, $85 / $76 and Sperry x YMC, $90;

Save Your Suede

It's not difficult to maintain, you simply need to know what works best.