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Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

Cannot. Look. Away.

Clearly, it doesn't take long for fidget spinners—those tiny handheld gizmos you, well, spin and fidget with—to take hold. If you're over 25, it goes something like this. "Hey, you know you're playing with a toy right? And your unwillingness to put it down is ... wait, that's kinda cool ... can I try?" All the rage with kids today, plenty of adults are flicking them and timing their spins because these modern-day talismans make for an easy outlet for stress, anxiety and excess energy. One thing is clear, these spinners are an excellent way to combat our collective smartphone addiction. And while they're selling out everywhere, there's still plenty of options online. Herewith, nine grown-up looking ones for your consideration.

Nine of the Best

Pathos Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner

$9.95 by Pathos

Vorso Machined Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

Machined stainless steel,
$161 by Vorso

Gorilla Spinners High Speed Fidget Spinner

High speed spinner,
$27.49 by Gorilla Spinners

Amy & Benton Titanium Alloy Fidget Spinner

Titanium alloy,
$16.99 by Amy & Benton

King Fidget Boomerang Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner

Boomerang tri-spinner,
$8.28 by King Fidget

VC EDC Clover Brass Fidget Spinner

Clover brass spinner,
$45 by VC EDC

Ti-EDC Nucleus Titanium Fidget Spinner

Nucleus titanium spinner,
$43.90 by Ti-EDC

Yikuyiya Captain America Shield Fidget Spinner

Captain America shield,
$8.26 by Yikuyiya

Anti-Spinner Wheel Fidget Spinner

Wheel spinner,
$5.85 by Anti-Spinner