6 Rugged Boots to Get You Through
the Rest of Winter

There's something about this time of year that calls for something more substantial on your feet. Footwear that can take on the unpredictable weather of the season. You want a boot. And in 2017, that means you want a boot that's masculine and durable, but not too bulky. Thick-soled and sturdy, today's best styles toe the line between classic work boots and the sophisticated dress versions you can easily wear into the office. They pair nicely with your tailored and cuffed flannel trousers but, of course, were made for beat-up denim or worn-in chinos. Herewith, six of the best buys for your money.

Danner, $190

Wolverine, $133 / $105.99

Eastland 1955, $130 / $89.99

Winterizing Primer

Even if you've got a sturdy pair of slush-kickers, you can't expect them to stand up to the winter's rage if you don't treat 'em right.