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Uniqlo Band Collar Shirt

Uniqlo, $29.90

Uniqlo Band Collar Shirt

Uniqlo, $29.90

Uniqlo Band Collar Shirt

Uniqlo, $29.90

As menswear continues riding this wave of relaxed vibes, it's not surprising that the band collar shirt has slid back into the style set's consciousness. We're not wearing ties as much these days ... so who needs a collar? It's a classic look born out of yesteryear and yet, when worn casually with rolled up sleeves or layered half-unbuttoned over a striped T-shirt, the look is less Peaky Blinders and more right now. If you don't have one yet, consider it a safe bet. A calculated style risk that's guaranteed to get you compliments.


Bonobos Band Collar Shirt

Bonobos, $98

Abercrombie & Fitch Band Collar Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch, $58 / $35

Todd Snyder Band Collar Shirt

Todd Snyder, $168 / $119

Hope Band Collar Shirt

Hope, $225 / $86.99

Chimala Band Collar Shirt

Chimala, $255

Gap Band Collar Shirt

Gap, $54.94


Band Collar Shirt DIY
Band Collar Shirt DIY

Got a collared shirt you want to update? Have a tailor remove the collar for a finished look or take a pair of scissors and trim it off yourself, and embrace the frayed edge.