3 Ways to
Wear Your Short Sleeve Shirts

3 Ways to Wear Your
Short Sleeve Shirts

3 Ways to Wear Your Short Sleeve Shirts

Short sleeve inspiration (from left to right) courtesy of Matthias Geerts, Adam Gallagher and Diego Vargas.

Since short-sleeve button-up shirts first slipped back into mainstream menswear just a few summers ago, countless iterations of the warm weather staple have hit the market. And as the general menswear silhouette has expanded to encompass roomier, boxier fits, these shirts fall right into the sweet spot of relaxed yet still stylishly conscious of your outfit. But while these easygoing shirts should be a no brainer, they can sometimes be a little tricky to get right. Herewith, three fool-proof ways to wear a short sleeve shirt, along with some of the season's best options to buy right now.

Option 1

Let it speak
for itself

For the bolder, more graphic and tropical designs, it's best to let these stand on their own. Wear them solo, buttoned up with solid pants or shorts. Whether that means leaving a button or two undone at the collar or buttoned all the way up (air tie style), it's your call.

Let the short sleeve shirt speak for itself

(PHOTO: @mr.rutherford)

Zara Short Sleeve Shirt

Zara, $39.90

Sandro Short Sleeve Shirt

Sandro, $235

H&M Short Sleeve Shirt

H&M, $12.99

Option 2

Layer it over
a T-shirt

There's something about a shirt with buttons and a collar that can make some guys treat it like a dress shirt. But here's one of the great things about a short sleeve shirt, you can throw it over a T-shirt and suddenly you've got an outfit. Especially with simpler styles or solid colored shirts—keeping them unbuttoned and untucked makes them look cool and relaxed.

Layer the short sleeve shirt over a T-shirt

(PHOTO: @iamgalla)

Stuessy Short Sleeve Shirt

Stüssy, $80

Penfield Short Sleeve Shirt

Penfield, $80

Obey Short Sleeve Shirt

Obey, $62

Option 3

The tuck-half-button move

If you feel like your shirt is a touch too long or a little boxy, a quick tuck can fix that. And if you're going to tuck, chinos look better than jeans. Then for some added texture and intrigue, wear it with an undershirt and keep your shirt half-buttoned. This works particularly well for vertically striped styles. Give your sleeves two rolls and you've got a cool, retro vibe going.

The tuck-half-button short sleeve shirt move

(PHOTO: @martinsalomonjr)

Todd Snyder Short Sleeve Shirt

Todd Snyder, $158

Club Monaco Short Sleeve Shirt

Solid & Striped, $128 / $99

J.Crew Short Sleeve Shirt

J.Crew, $59.50


... you can wear them under a jacket

When the weather warms up, there are still times you want or need to wear a blazer or suit jacket. Let this be your permission slip to wear one of these shirts under your favorite jacket. And if you remove your jacket, roll up your sleeves to remind everyone how breezy and cool you are.