The Activewear You Need on Your Radar

There's a lot of options for workout gear these days. It's a confusing sea of neon or logo-covered pieces of varying quality. Even some of the big names in performance can let you down with low-end pieces. But Ten Thousand, a new company that launched earlier this month, has a less is more approach. "We think that the best companies, in every industry, are defined by focus and a sense of timelessness. They do a few things, and do them really well," says co-founder Keith Nowak. "This doesn't exist in the activewear market and we wanted it, so now we're building it."

Currently, they offer just two products—a crewneck T-shirt and a pair of shorts. We recently took both on a real world test-drive and have to say that these guys know what they're doing. The shirt is made from a blend of synthetic fibers and merino wool, woven to wick away moisture and prevent odors. It's incredibly soft and tailored for a flattering fit as well as ease of movement. The fabric is breathable and quick-drying. And clever details like laser-cut underarm vents are a nice touch.

The design of the shorts is a modification on a classic pair of board shorts. Lightweight and tailored with a touch of stretch, they're the opposite of those baggy mesh shorts the sloppy dude's wearing over at the weight bench. And the zippered pocket keeps essentials like your iPhone securely tucked away with a headphone slot integrated for your earbuds.

And both pieces are customizable. "By focusing on just our core styles, we can also offer more options for each style," says Nowak. "Unlike the major brands, customers can now select from multiple fits for both the tees and the shorts, and have the option to buy our shorts with or without a liner."

In the

Take a peek into the brand's lab to see what they're designing and testing. Currently, the team is finishing up research and development on a pullover prototype for cold weather training.