Style Risk


How to Pull Off
a Turtleneck

Last year, we noticed a few early adopters embracing the return of the turtleneck. But this fall, it seems that the classic sweater is back in a big way. But we know that a lot of guys are little hesitant. And we get it. They can be tricky. It's one of those garments that's gotten a bad rap because so many men have abused the style. They were often ill-fitting and made from low quality materials. But these new sweaters are a different breed. And when pulled off correctly, they make for a sharp style this time of year.

How to
Wear It

These gents know the two cardinal rules to pulling off a turtleneck: keep the color muted and layer it properly. They make for a smart substitute for a shirt and tie, so feel free to wear one with a suit or sports coat.

(Photos: Dapper Lou, Looktastic, The Guiltier, StreetFSN)

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