Baby It's Cold Outside

Essential Winter Accessories

Baby It's Cold Outside

Essential Winter Accessories

Baby It's Cold Outside

Essential Winter Accessories

Get ready, you're about to hear a lot about the polar vortex again as it sweeps through the United States this week. As The Washington Post explains, "a punishing blast of Arctic air will plunge into the northern half of the Lower 48 ... dispensing some of the most frigid air since 2014 or 2015 in some areas." Good times, right? On the upside, this insanely cold weather is only expected to last about five days, but it serves as a grave warning that the rages of winter are coming. So make sure you're stocked with these cozy but hard-working accessories to keep your vital extremities warm.


A snug knit stocking cap will keep your head and ears warm, and also keep snow and rain out of your hair.

Fisherman's rolled beanie,
$29 by Patagonia

Cashmere watch cap,
$34.99 / $17.99 by H&M

Bubble beanie,
$75 by Norse Projects

Wool mariner beanie,
$25 by Armor-Lux

Cable knit cashmere cap,
$88 by J.Crew


When it comes to gloves, you want them to be well-fitted, well-made and well-insulated for that matter.

Wool-lined deerskin vented gloves,
$125 by Hestra

Cashmere-lined leather gloves,
$175 / $39.97 by Amicale

Wool and leather smartphone gloves, $49.50 by J.Crew

Faux fur and Thinsulate lined utility gloves, $89 by Barbour

Knit cuff pebbled leather gloves,
$119.50 / $89 by Club Monaco


Whether you go for simple and textural or bold and patterned, that's a personal decision. Just knot up to keep the wind off your neck.

Lambswool and cashmere tartan,
$49 by Barbour

Multi-stitch merino scarf,
$59.50 by Banana Republic

Lightweight Italian wool plaid,
$88 by Brooks Brothers

Patterned lambswool scarf,
$225 by RRL

Ribbed merino wool and cashmere, $155 / $65 by Everlane


Look for sturdy, thick knit cotton or marled wool to stand up to the cold. These are the pairs you'll wear with your boots and other sturdy winter shoes.

Hearty cotton prairie socks,
$35 by CHUP

Marled pistol socks,
$22 by Stance

Fair Isle wool blend socks,
$25 by Corgi

Cotton camp socks,
$12 / $6 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Ribbed cotton blend socks,
$30 (for 2-pack) by Beams Plus


The idea that you lose 40% of your body heat through your head is a long-standing myth, perpetuated by an old Army survival manual.