How to Relax at Home
Like a Gentleman

The Best Loungewear for Men

Ryan Gosling, as shot by Craig McDean for GQ,
wears pajamas from Sleepy Jones.

You don't need to book a vacation or even leave home to relax. The easiest and fastest way to decompress and unwind is to slip out of your everyday clothes and into some proper loungewear. Cut for ease of movement and ultimate comfort, the best pieces are made from luxuriously louche materials. Why wear your ratty gym clothes around the house when you could treat yourself to a pair of proper pajamas or shorts made for lounging?


Sleepy Jones Tailored Pajama Shirt

Tailored pajama shirt, $158
and pants, $138 by Sleepy Jones

Ralph Lauren Broadcloth Pajama Shirt

Broadcloth pajama shirt, $42
and pants, $42 by Ralph Lauren

Uniqlo Pima Cotton T-Shirt

Pima cotton T-shirt, $9.90 and lounge sweatpants, $29.90 by Uniqlo

Lounge Shorts

Bread & Boxers Lounge Shorts

Lounge shorts, $40
by Bread & Boxers

Calvin Klein Modern Stretch Cotton Shorts

Modern stretch cotton shorts, $55
by Calvin Klein

J.Crew Cotton Pajama Shorts

Cotton pajama shorts, $29.50
by J.Crew


If you've got proper pajamas, you need proper footwear.
Try one of these handsome slippers.

Derek Rose Slippers

Derek Rose, $185 / $48.98

L.B. Evans Slippers

L.B. Evans, $49.95