Are You Ready
for Cardigan Season?

Add a layer and level of interest to any outfit.

You can't have fall without cardigans—you just can't. They keep you warm, like a cozy knit hug that follows you around all day. But the right cardigan also has the ability to take an otherwise standard outfit and turn it into a look worth taking about. How do you wear one in 2017 or 2018? Treat it like a button-down and layer it over a lightweight T-shirt, push the sleeves up, and pair it with some nice work pants. Or go for a big, chunky one and wear it over a denim shirt (or hell, even over a denim jacket) with your favorite relaxed chinos. There's an easygoing elegance to wearing a cardigan. So make sure your cold weather wardrobe has a few in it.

Our Favorites

Eidos Cardigan

Eidos, $395 / $267.50

Eidos, $395 / $267.50

American Eagle Cardigan

American Eagle, $89.95 / $35.98

Howlin' Cardigan

Howlin', $219

Uniqlo Cardigan

Uniqlo, $39.90

RRL Cardigan

Hand-knit wool with genuine horn buttons

RRL, $1,200

RRL, $1,200

Topman Cardigan

Topman, $120

J.Crew Cardigan

Cotton and cashmere

J.Crew, $79.50


Sweater Maintenance
Sweater Maintenance

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