The Best Shorts to Wear Right Now

The Coolest Shorts Right Now
Are Also the Most Comfortable

The Summer's Best Shorts

Shia LaBeouf goes relaxed and athletic while Tyler, The Creator pulls off a bold print.

Summer ain't over yet. We've got plenty of warm weather left. Which means we're in the midsts of shorts season. And here's the good news about shorts—you can be as bold and ballsy as you like. There's something about wearing shorts that already puts you in a DGAF state of mind. So what better way to mess with the more relaxed, streetwear-influenced styles permeating throughout menswear at the moment. Loud, statement prints? Baggy, athletic-inspired styles? Utilitarian hiking shorts (with an elastic waist and built-in belt)? They've all got celebrity endorsements and cosigns from street style insiders. So give a pair a try and enjoy the relaxed, breezy comfort. And bonus, most are pretty affordable too.

Printed Shorts

Engineered Garments Men's Printed Shorts

Engineered Garments,
$225 / $112.50 (wide code SUMMERSALE)

Battenwear Men's Printed Shorts

Battenwear, $165 / $123.75

Athletic Shorts

Puma Men's Athletic Shorts

Puma, $60

Zara Men's Athletic Shorts

Zara, $29.90

Sophnet. Men's Athletic Shorts

Sophnet., $219

Hiking Shorts

Penfield Men's Hiking Shorts

Penfield, $105 / $67.98

Neighborhood Men's Hiking Shorts

Neighborhood, $250

Topman Men's Hiking Shorts

Topman, $50 / $25