Next Level Style Move

Wearing a Ring

Next Level Style Move

Wearing a Ring

Biased Advice

If a man's wearing his class ring, you probably won't respect him. If a man's wearing a pinky ring, you probably shouldn't fuck with him.

Next Level Style Move

Wearing a Ring

Make no mistake: Not everyone can pull off a ring. This isn't a "fake it till ya make it" type of move. A ring on any other finger than the requisite left ring finger after matrimony indicates a certain swagger and confidence. It might have something to do with the provenance of a ring. Back in the day, a ring was a sign of a man's wealth and social status. Kind of like cars are today. And just like with cars, you don't want anything too flashy. Play it cool and let the ring speak softly. What's more, there are plenty of options right now that will suit your tastes. Want something rough and rugged? Polished and slightly preppy? The right ring makes the perfect compliment or contrast to whatever you're wearing, from a crisp suit to some beat-up jeans and Chelsea boots.

Our Picks

Giles & Brother Men's Ring


Giles & Brother, $70

Kiel Mead Men's Ring

Kiel Mead, $120

LHN Men's Ring

LHN, $85

Miansai Men's Ring

Miansai, $85

Fortune Men's Ring

Fortune, $90

ASOS Men's Ring

ASOS, $9.50

is Key

Men's Ring Scale to Hand
Men's Ring Scale to Hand

Have large hands? Feel free to wear larger, broad rings. Men with smaller hands or slimmer fingers should balance the proportion by wearing smaller, thinner rings.