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Packing for
the Holidays

The holidays are a time meant to be spent with family and friends. But that's not to say it's always easy. There are all sorts of expectations and obligations to consider when packing for your trip, so we've rounded up some solid options—along with some helpful tips—to guide you through your "vacation."


with Friends

A night catching up with your buddies, whether that's out in the city or at someone's home, calls for sharp yet casual pieces. Look for adaptable outerwear that's easy to layer and some solidly built finishing touches like rugged boots and a classic watch.

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Seasonal Drinking Guide
In the cold, dark days of winter, bourbon should be your spirit of choice. Here's how to mix up a cocktail or prepare punch for a party.


the Family

Spending time with your significant other's family? You're a brave man. Prepare yourself by dressing sharp for dinner (it's always better to be a touch overdressed). Opt for seasonally appropriate fabrics and patterns like velvet and plaid.

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Make a Good Impression
As the saying goes, a first impression is the most important and lasting impression you'll ever make. So here's how to give yourself an edge.



No matter how prepared you are before you leave, you'll likely have to venture out into the cold for a few last-minute gifts. Throw on a casual kit—a Western shirt and some jeans—that will take you from the mall to dinner at your folks' place. And bring a bag to make carrying your loot easier.

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Wrapper's Delight
Neatly wrapping presents may not be a skill you need to learn (you can always pay for it at the store), but it's not as hard as it looks either.

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