The Hard-Wearing Brand You Need on Your Radar

Racing history and cool cars have always been a reference point for menswear brands and designers. But for Jon Ruti, the founder of Rivay, the love of fast modes of transportation runs deeper. It's the lifeblood of this new menswear brand. A true autophile, Ruti's line is a well-edited collection of hard-wearing basics and outerwear made for stylish guys—not just motorcycle-rinding gearheards.

Because the pieces are expertly crafted from traditionally durable fabrics like waxed cotton twill, French terry and English wool from old world mills, there's a handsome heritage vibe to the clothes. They're the kind of pieces that make easy work out of layering. Ones you can wear on all sorts of adventures, be it off-roading in the country or simply battling the crowded city sidewalks.

Quilted herringbone
wool vest
, $395

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