What Women Want Men to Wear

Earlier this year, Men's Health surveyed nearly 1,000 women to get some insight into the styles that best get a female's attention. Or as they put it, "what a man should wear if he wants his clothes torn off." Herewith, a few of the findings and some recommendations based on the winners.

770 jeans, $125 by J.Crew

Your jeans don't have
to be so clean-cut.

When it comes to denim, 54% of women say guys look best in worn-in, beat up jeans. "You seem like you'd be a loyal boyfriend; that you won't throw us away at the first sign of fray."

"If I'm sharing your bed, sleep in boxers."

Cotton boxers, $40 by Sleepy Jones

While most women said they like a man in boxer briefs under his clothes during the day, an overwhelming 42% of the ladies want men to hit the sheets in a classic pair of boxer shorts. (Followed closely by 34%, who prefer you in the nude.)

The most impressive piece a man can wear? Cashmere.

Over a third of the females surveyed said the contrast of a rough man in soft, luxurious cashmere is hard to resist. Also, 63% of women say a man in a scarf is sexy and apparently men don't wear enough.

Marled cashmere sweater, $469 by Club Monaco
and cashmere scarf, $49.90 / $39.90 by Uniqlo

48% of women say, "When meeting my parents, go with your casual
Friday best."

The aim is to look approachable—responsible yet relaxed. Go with a neutral pair of flat-front chinos and a casual sport shirt. Ground the look with some not-too-dressy pair of suede shoes.

Twill chinos, $145 by Ralph Lauren; washed plaid shirt, $85 by Hugh & Crye and suede chukkas, $165 by H by Hudson

Don't Fear Pink

Forty-eight percent of women say a man in a pink shirt is "hot and confident."