Lessons in Dressing Well from Eddie Redmayne

Lessons in Dressing Well
from Eddie Redmayne

Lessons in Dressing Well
from Eddie Redmayne

The dapper Oscar-winner shows you the coolest way to dress this fall.

Eddie Redmayne in My Week with Marilyn

It's hard not to like Eddie Redmayne. An accomplished actor, the 34-year-old Englishman is an Oscar winner, consummate gentleman and one hell of a dresser. He always looks great in a suit on the red carpet, of course, but it's when he's out on the street that we find ourselves paying the most attention. The man famously doesn't have a stylist. He simply knows what looks good on him. Follow his lead and swipe a few of these solid style moves.

Find Your Color

We're not sure when Redmayne settled on blue as his signature color, but over the past year or so we've seen in him in all forms of it—from dark, inky indigos to sky blue shades of cerulean. He tends to stick with navy, which makes getting dressed (or packing for a trip) all the more easy. It also makes quick work of layering since his wardrobe is essentially color coordinated. But the lesson here is to find what works for your skin tone and hair color or what you feel most comfortable in and then wear the hell out of it. Because when you feel good, you look good.

Classics Never Let You Down

Perhaps it's his predilection as an Englishman, but Eddie tends to veer towards the classic stalwarts of menswear—those lasting staples that look good on every man. Of course, you can bring these timeless pieces into 2016 by putting them together in fresh, new ways. Case in point, his effortless way of pairing some perfectly tailored chinos and a vintage-washed jean jacket with an army green shawl-collar sweater (this one's available from Polo Ralph Lauren).

Layer Properly

A master of layers, Redmayne understands the fundamental key to layering (without looking or feeling too bulky) is to start with the softest layer and work your way out to the most durable. You also want to mix your fabrics, textures and colors. Begin with a light undershirt, add a top shirt like this chambray snap-button option, then build up to a more substantial piece of outerwear—be it a cardigan sweater or a rugged leather jacket like this one here.

Take Cover

A statement-making coat is the ultimate answer on those days when you don't want to sweat your outfit. Throw on a sharp top coat like this double-breasted herringbone number Eddie's sporting here (which happens to be from Burberry's recent F/W '16 collection) and you instantly look put together and express some serious personality.