The Ultimate
California Road Trip

Taylor Stitch drives up the coast in a vintage truck looking for adventures.

Photography: Michael Armenta

Summer popover,
$118 / $98 (pre-sale)

Summer popover,
$118 / $98 (pre-sale)

Taylor Stitch is the quintessential California brand. They produce well made clothes that are as good looking and well tailored as they are rugged and relaxed. Instead of following the common seasonal collection format, the label continually produces relevant products in its Workshop which are crowdfunded for two weeks. They do things their own way—like taking off for a 600 mile road trip to produce their latest line. Actually living the adventures that influence their designs.

Sailor Twitch surf trunks,
$88 / $68 (pre-sale)

Sailor Twitch surf trunks,
$88 / $68 (pre-sale)

The first step was finding the right vehicle. They found it in a well-worn 1962 Ford Econoline pickup truck. What she lacked in power steering and horsepower, she made up for in storage space and sheer style. Nicknamed slo' blue, she'd take the guys from the SoCal surf town of San Clemente all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway to a Marin County farmstead in Bolinas, just north of Taylor Stitch's San Francisco headquarters. Along the way, they surfed, explored and camped while creating the Sailor Twitch collection inspired by classic surf style and the freedom of the open road. They collaborated with Seavees on a slip-on suede chukka sneaker and customized surfboards and blankets—all of which were put to good use and will be released throughout this month. Check out a few of the highlights from the trip and like us, wish you were there.


The Truck

A 1962 Ford Econoline. The shorter, cab-over pick-ups were only produced for seven years and less than 12,000 were ever made.


The Trip

Retracing the more memorable stops along their route, along with the partners launching collaborations with Taylor Stitch in the coming weeks.

San Clemente

A day at Album surfboards for some custom "Sailor Twitch" surfboards.

Laguna Beach

Check in with the guys at North Menswear, "one of the most expertly merchandised menswear shops on the West Coast."

Venice Beach

Santa Barbara

"We pulled into Santa Barbara and found a vibrant community of brewers, bike builders and shoe makers." They are collaborating with locally-based Seavees on a modern post-surf shoe. (Available 4/17)

Big Sur

You can't road trip through Cali without driving over the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge. A customized blanket from Rumpl was put to good use camping. (Available 4/24)

Santa Cruz

Pit stop at Verve Coffee and some surfing at the famed Steamer Lane.


Sleeping under the stars at Big Mesa Farmstead.